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After years of research, a number of enterprises, scientists in Vietnam officially owned the successful cultivating and cross-bred process of cordyceps, a precious material for the production of pharmaceuticals, functional food.

                                               The cordyceps market is forecasted to boom in the near future.

Low-income people also be able to use

These days, enterprises group, scientists of Dong Trung Ha Thao Corporation are busy in preparing for the appearance of Hima brand with products such as dried cordyceps, cordyceps bird's nest, filtered sachet tea, cordyceps coffee and cordyceps liquor from cordyceps Militaris. General director of Dong Trung Ha Thao Corporation - Mr. Do Van Hue confided: "It is a long time, I always cherish a dream to make a clean and nutritive product. After many years of successful research in the cultivating process of cordyceps, Food and Drug Administration of America certified that meets the standard of FDA. It is time my fellow-workers and I aim to a higher objective, toward to increasing valuable product from cordyceps. And with the reasonable price, our product can be sold to low-income people. In the future, we will continue to release to the market the whole body of cordyceps Sinensis".

Development of Hima brand gathered outstanding individuals of the country. Currently, except Mr.Hue, the developing team also have participation of "talents" such as: Mr.Do Van Minh, production manager of Yen Viet company, a well-known person in breeding and luring birds. In addition, Mr. Tran Van Chi, used to be production manager of Trung Nguyen Coffee company, had given up position and high salary from the previous job to attend at the Hima brand.
Not only Hima brand prepare to appear in Ho Chi Minh city, now Nguyen Long Corporation also announced the introduction of the functional food capsule All & All are manufactured using raw materials from the cordyceps cultivation project of Dr. Truong Binh Nguyen (Director of the Institute for Research and application of high-tech agriculture - Dalat University).With valuable characteristics which are beneficial to health, currently, the cordyceps in nature are exploited almost exhausted. So far, in the world, only a few countries successfully research the cultivating technology of cordyceps - Cordyceps Sinensis, such as America, Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam the 5th country.
If the cordyceps sinensis is true and the fungus still intact on the worm, its price on the current market up to 50000 - 75000 USD/kg. However, when people successfully built the industrial cultivating process of cordyceps, then the cordyceps price reduces to hundred times. Dr. Truong Binh Nguyen concerns: "Why do Vietnamese have to use the cordyceps with the extremely high price? That is also the reason which motivates me to do the production research, own the technology and create a fair chance, anybody can use cordyceps with the reasonable price". Dr. Nguyen reckons, with dosage is calculated to ensure good effects for the health, for 1 day just take 2 cordyceps capsule - 400mg/capsule with the pure cordyceps 100%, the cost is lower than smokers spend for one cigarette package/day.

Still concerned about the fake product

Currently, in the Vietnam market, 70% of cordyceps products are imported from countries. However, the control of these products is still many difficulties. There are many poor quality products, even fakes floating around the market or borrow the names Cordyceps, exploit consumer's trust to sell with expensive price. Our record in the area of traditional medicines Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, Luong Nhu Hoc (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) has hundreds of shops selling various kinds of pharmaceuticals, functional foods such as oats , red ginseng, white ginseng, cinnamon spent ... are imported from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea... Of course, cordyceps product is indispensable but worth mentioning that there are many kinds with all kinds of prices.
When we asked to buy Cordyceps, there is a store give a product in a plastic bags, unmarked, not originating with $ 1.8 million / 100 gr. In the opinion of experts in the industry, the Vietnam itself cultivating Cordyceps is a good sign, brings health benefits to more people. However, it is worrisome that the floating Cordyceps product, unknown origin and quality still are sold, causing damage to the user.


Distinguish real - fake

According to Dr. Truong Binh Nguyen, the way to distinguish the real or fake cordyceps base on the worm that the fungal parasitizes on. The head part of the worm and the head of cordyceps rejoin together naturally, the joint point match together, absolutely no connection traces. For the fake one, easy to see the connection traces. The worm of real cordyceps has ruck, 3 rucks make a crease, creases create a row, rucks near the worm head is very deep; The fake shows that differences, on the other hand, the creases is flat, often be made by the mould.

The real cordyceps worm has 8 legs in the middle clearly symmetrical, as in the head and the tail, the legs almost "shrink" away; the fake has unstable number of legs, some has 8 legs, some has more or less than 8 legs. View from vertically cut (means break in half to see inside), the real cordyceps after break we can see rucks very clear, in the middle of cordyceps there is a black core in V-shape; but the fake has no. When we open the box which contains the real cordyceps, we will smell of mushroom and fishy smell of mushroom. The fake kind does not has this smell, only the fishy smell from the fish or the chemical material smell. When put cordyceps into mouth and scrunch it will bring the feeling like scrunch soya bean, the more chewing the more fragrant, the smell like chicken meat; when chew the fake one feel tough, chewing more then it like powder till cannot chew anymore, it absolutely do not has smell from chicken meat and but has land smell. 


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