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"Hot" for the Cordyceps market…

"Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated 16/08/2015

  "Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated...

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

The most precious component in Vietnam Hima cordyceps that is...

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cordyceps is increasingly known and used for health improvement and...

Coming soon: A product for the community…

Coming soon: A product for the community’s health

Early April 2016, Hima Cordyceps Corporation will release a new...

Cordyceps has become the commercial prod…

Cordyceps has become the commercial product and been granted the quality certification in the US

Cordyceps is a wonderful gift from nature for the human...

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

In the kingdom of fungus, specifically the cordyceps, polysaccharides is...

Bird's Nest & Grape Seaweed

Packing method: 170ml/ can - 6 can/ block - 24 can/ box
Ingredients: Grape seaweed, sugar, water, Aga (406) q.s for 170ml
Preservation: stores at cool and dry places, protect from the light,
Giá: 58.000 VND

Target users: It is suitable for people who suffer from fatigue, physical depression, weakness and are experiencing recovery period after illness. It should be given to the elderly, to people who want to improve the health and are physical activity performers and mental workers.
For best taste: Shake well before use, drink directly or after icing. Drink 1-2 jars/ day.


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