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"Hot" for the Cordyceps market…

"Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated 16/08/2015

  "Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated...

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

The most precious component in Vietnam Hima cordyceps that is...

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cordyceps is increasingly known and used for health improvement and...

Coming soon: A product for the community…

Coming soon: A product for the community’s health

Early April 2016, Hima Cordyceps Corporation will release a new...

Cordyceps has become the commercial prod…

Cordyceps has become the commercial product and been granted the quality certification in the US

Cordyceps is a wonderful gift from nature for the human...

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

In the kingdom of fungus, specifically the cordyceps, polysaccharides is...


Packing method: 10g / package - 1 package/box
Giá: 1.800.000 VND

Stimulate digestion, strengthen resistance, enhance natural physiological


Leaching with hot water:
Soak 3-4 HIMA dried cordyceps fiber into 70 ml of the glass of boiled water for 3-5 minutes to extract nutrients of HIMA dried cordyceps into hot water until it cooldowns then drink at warm. Possible to re-leach these cordyceps fiber 2 or 3 more times as you like, then swallow the whole cordyceps fiber.
Uses 1-2 times per day.
Uses: enhances resistance, strengthen natural physiology, refresh your body and brain, skincare.

Leaching with white wine:
Get 10g HIMA Cordyceps (half a pack), soak with 1 liter of great white wine 20-40% alcohol in 7 to 10 days.
Uses 1-2 times per day, each time uses 30-50ml in lunch or dine.
Uses: stimulates digestion, strengthens resistance, enhances natural physiological, refreshes the brain

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Stewing with some other nutritious foods such as black chicken, pigeon, duck...
Taking 5-10g HIMA cordyceps to stew together with 1kg of nutritious food, adds spices for delicious taste, stews for 40 - 60 minutes, uses when hot.
Uses: the combination of the nutrients from food and medical elements from cordyceps that help on eating and sleeping well, healthy body, anti-aging and prevents diseases.

Stir-frying with young bamboo or other vegetables, roots, fungus/mushrooms.
Taking 5-10g HIMA cordyceps to stir-fry with 1kg of young bamboo or vegetables, roots, fungus, mushrooms that have very good effects for the health.

Besides, there are some delicious foods from cordyceps that support the beauty care, ladies may refer and apply it simply but bring back high effect


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