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"Hot" for the Cordyceps market…

"Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated 16/08/2015

  "Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated...

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

The most precious component in Vietnam Hima cordyceps that is...

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cordyceps is increasingly known and used for health improvement and...

Coming soon: A product for the community…

Coming soon: A product for the community’s health

Early April 2016, Hima Cordyceps Corporation will release a new...

Cordyceps has become the commercial prod…

Cordyceps has become the commercial product and been granted the quality certification in the US

Cordyceps is a wonderful gift from nature for the human...

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

In the kingdom of fungus, specifically the cordyceps, polysaccharides is...


Packing method: 750ml / bottle
Ingredients: Cordyceps, wines
Uses: enhances vitality, fortifies kidney, generates sperms, treats back pains, stimulates digestion, strengthen resistance, supports cancer prevention, anti-aging of the cell
Caution: this product is not a medicine, no alternative effects for medicines
Giá: 1.950.000 VND

Is refined from cordyceps in conjunction with alcohol.







  Methanol content

   mg/l alcohol 40o

   < 2.000


As one of the special product line of HIMA CORDYCEPS CORPORATION, HIMA CORDYCEPS LIQUOR contains many nutrients which are good for health, first appearance in luxury bottle design, fine and eye-catching.

Cordyceps is well known with the high content of medical elements, capable of fostering the body and supports the treatments of many incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cirrhosis.

Currently, on the market there are many cordyceps products, however, the content of Cordycepin (a drug ingredient helps inhibit cancer cells) reached only 69.7%.
HIMA is the first and unique cordyceps brand at the present time been certified in the US. That also means this cordyceps product will be eligible to import into this nation.

HIMA CORDYCEPS LIQUOR contains two main components which are 10g of dried pure cordyceps and 750ml of specially distilled rice wine at level 40%.

HIMA CORDYCEPS LIQUOR is very preferred by the gentleman. It helps enhance
health, foster the body and enhance male vitality. Cordyceps liquor is easy to drink without fatigue, dizziness and toxic as the other kind of liquors, if using moderate doses the health will be improved obviously.

In addition, HIMA CORDYCEPS LIQUOR also is preferred by specific fragrance, flavor, and color of pure cordyceps.

In the case of problems with lung and asthma, asthenic kidney and physiology weakness, back pain and fatigued knee, cell aging, tanned and burnt skin...Cordyceps liquor can also support an effective treatment.
With all those features and uses above, HIMA cordyceps liquor is promised to become a preferred drink for the gentleman.
Hopefully, HIMA CORDYCEPS LIQUOR brand will be closer to consumers in Vietnam and around the world.


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