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"Hot" for the Cordyceps market…

"Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated 16/08/2015

  "Hot" for the Cordyceps market - "Thanh Nien" newspaper, dated...

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

Uses of Vietnam cordyceps

The most precious component in Vietnam Hima cordyceps that is...

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cancer & Cordyceps

Cordyceps is increasingly known and used for health improvement and...

Coming soon: A product for the community…

Coming soon: A product for the community’s health

Early April 2016, Hima Cordyceps Corporation will release a new...

Cordyceps has become the commercial prod…

Cordyceps has become the commercial product and been granted the quality certification in the US

Cordyceps is a wonderful gift from nature for the human...

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

Polysaccharides and Sterol in Cordyceps

In the kingdom of fungus, specifically the cordyceps, polysaccharides is...


Packing method:
Ingredients: Cordyceps, sugar, bird's nest, Water,
Uses: foster the body, stabilize cardiovascular and blood pressure, anti-aging of the cell, supports treatment and prevention of tanned skin, freckle
Caution: this product is not a medicine, no alternative effects for medicines
Preservation: stores at cool and dry places, protect from the light
Giá: 234.000 VND

scrumptious product, is the combination of the cordyceps and the bird's nest


Target users:
- The case of fatigue, asthenia, weakness, recovery period after an illness.
- The elderly.
- People want to enhance health, people do physical activities, intellectual labor.
User's manual and preservation:
Shake well before using.
Use directly or iced when using.


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