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The most precious component in Vietnam Hima cordyceps that is cordycepin by the reasons:
Cordyceps substance in cordyceps is able to inhibit the fission of cancer cells and delay the spread of cancer cells which may eliminate a large number of T cells, phagocytes in the body. Polysaccharide in cordyceps is able to contribute to the stimulation of transforming nucleus, enhances the body capability of preventing cancer itself. At the same time, cordyceps has the sedative effect, the quite good effect on reducing the start of cancer pain.
Currently, there is no specific medicine for cancer treatments, and most of the drugs are not only expensive but also have the relatively large side-effects, such a comparison, cordyceps not only has no side-effects but also helps the body be wholly recovered, enhances their immune function. Therefore, using cordyceps to prevents cancer and using as a supplementation therapy is a good choice.

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                                                                             Hima cordyceps in fresh form
In nature, the amount of cordycepin only reaches 0,901 mg/g, product from Thailand reaches 2,701 mg/g,

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The uses of cordyceps:
- Enhance and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body.
- Anti-atherosclerosis, recovery damaged lung alveoli for people with lung cancer, tuberculosis, cold lung, smokers, asthma...
- Anti-cirrhosis, anti-hepatitis.
- Strengthen the regulatory function for the immune system that contributes to terminating and preventing the cancer cells as well as viruses, bacterias (hepatitis, HIV...).
- Enhances absorption, recovery pancreas => support the diabetes treatment.
- Resist to radioactive elements, the harmful substance in the environment.
- Anti-arrhythmic
- Increase oxygen in the blood.
- Rapidly improve muscle capacity and physical endurance.
- Control hormone (hormones) and arousal organization for the sexual nervous system, support in the azoic treatment for both male and female.
- Contribute to maintaining the mind always be lucid, full of vigor.


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