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Polysaccharides – the precious compound of cordyceps fungus.

dong trung ha thao cordyceps militaris
Cordyceps Militaris in nature - the head of cordyceps has carrot color.

Polysaccharides va Sterols 2


In the kingdom of fungus, specifically the cordyceps, polysaccharides is the most well-known and understood as a biologically active compound. Some of polysaccharides and other sugar derivative substance such as acid cordycepic (d-mannitol) is identified and pharmacology activities is reported. Research shows that polysaccharides are effective in regulating the blood sugar, anti-metastasis (Nakamura and partners 1999), anti- cancer as well as immune enhancement.

Sterol in cordyceps

Some kind of sterol were found in cordyceps, such as ergosterol, delta-ergosterol, ergosterol peroxide, 3-sitosterol, daucosterol and campesterol. They are related to "sex-steroid" and prevent sexual dysfunction. Therefore, cordyceps is the effective therapy for sexual dysfunction.


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